The Grand Building

Vanemuise 6, Tartu
Information desk +372 7440 100
Ticket-office +372 7440 165

This modernist style theatre building was completed in 1967.
The building includes a theatre auditorium,
administrative wing renovated in 2004, …
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The Small Building


Vanemuise 45a, Tartu
Information desk +372 7440 170
Ticket-office +372 7440 160

Art Nouveau style theatre building
with historical milieu is constructed in 1914-1918
and includes a theatre auditorium, oval auditorium,
cloakrooms, rehearsal auditoriums and café.
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The Harbour Theatre

Soola 5b, Tartu
Information desk +372 7344 247
Ticket office +372 7344 248

This is a multifunctional and modern
theatrical and concert facility that can also house
various alternative events.
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